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Swissergy suggests its pharmaceutical preparations through two lines, the Medical line and the Pharmacy line with the following  areas of functional interests:






The products are presented in the following fields:

*  Immunity Area  It aids the antioxidant, immunostimulating and antibacterial activity.

* Inflammation Area It is an adjuvant in recurrent infections of the upper respiratory tract. It helps in the affection of the flu.

* Energizer/Tonic Area It opposes to physical and mental exertion, reducing the negative feeling of the stress, both adaptable and neurotonic.

* Hepatic/Intestinal Area It helps to maintain the physiological ephatic activity and furthermore it aids digestion and the purifying of the body. It works at the intestinal level redressing the saprophytic and microbial flora. It helps the natural defences and it has a probiotic action.

* Dermatological Area It is an adjunt for atypical dermatitis in children and adults. It facilitates an antibacterial action.