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The Pharmacy Line consists of single functional principle that helps to recover the physiological conditions of the body.

The products of the Pharmacy Line are all in confections of 60 units, soft gel capsules, except for the fermented papaya that has 20 units, orodispersible sachets, and they are displayed using pharmaceutical formulations that are able to guarantee a high bioavailability and a quick absorption of the active principles suggested, compare to the hard gel capsules.

The Pharmacy Line consists of the following preparations, introduced by a rigorous research to guarantee the certified and proven qualitative standards.

         Green Tea  A natural antioxidant. It helps to control lipid metabolism and to keep the cholesterol level in the blood normal. It keeps well the intestinal flora. It has a physiological antioxidant action.

         Fermented Papaya It helps the physiological immune activity. It is full of amino acids and vitamin B, and it is usefull to check growth of the cells because of its particular antioxidant action. It strenghtens the natural defences. It opposes to the formation of the free radicals.

         Red Ginseng  It helps in state of exhaustion, tiredness, weekness or in case of loss of concentration. It mantains the physical and mental activity and  the viability (especially for old people). It covers the nutritive needs in case of an unbalanced diet.

         Mate It helps in state of tiredness, physical and mental exhaustion. It stimulates the activity of elimination of the body. It helps the urinary system. It is a tonic for the physical activity.

         Muira Puama It balances the hormonal activity in women in premenopause and postmenopause. It relieves the symptoms of the menopause and mantains a good quality of the sexual activity.